I'm meeting friends at the campground. Will we be able to camp together?

Yes, with the exception of RV hookup sites which are preassigned. Tent and dry camping areas are not assigned. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. Our guests are free to choose their camp site from over 300 wooded acres, and there is no limit to how many tents/RVs can camp together in one area. However, any kind of roping or sectioning off space is prohibited.

Some members of our group are undecided at this time; will they be able to purchase wristbands at a later date?

Yes, you may add wristbands to your reservation at any time, even during Rally week. However, we do remind our guests that after July 1st there is an increase in our wristband rate.

Why do I need to purchase a wristband?

Hog Heaven Campground requires that all guests purchase a wristband and wear it at all times during your stay. If reserving a hookup site or a dry camping site, wristbands need to be purchased in addition to the site rate. Each time you pass through our front gate, you will be asked to show your wristband so that staff can ensure everyone on the property is a paid guest. Your wristband allows you to take advantage of all amenities and entertainment on site.

Can I run my generator?

Generators are permitted during the daytime, but must be turned off between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am.

What amenities are available at Hog Heaven Campground?

Hog Heaven Campground boasts a wide variety of amenities, including:

  • 2 shower houses open 24 hours a day.
  • On site food vendor serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Nightly entertainment in our bar area.
  • Wi-fi available in bar area.
  • Walk up convenience store.
  • Laundry service including wash, dry, and fold. (No self-service available.)
  • Stop on ‘DaBus’ shuttle route.
  • UPS shipping to and from Hog Heaven Campground.

Can guests pitch a tent at my hookup site?

Yes, so long as all property is contained within the boundaries of your site and is not infringing on a neighboring site. Please be aware that hookup sites in our Sunset Ridge area are on gravel. All guests who stay on your site, whether in a tent or in your RV, must purchase a wristband.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect at Hog Heaven?

We pride ourselves on offering the best of both worlds: a lively bar and entertainment area for your enjoyment, as well as the peace of Black Hills camping during overnight hours. Our bar and band shut down at 12:00am, and any excessive noise or disruptions that are bothersome to other guests will be asked to stop.  We appreciate your help and consideration in ensuring that all guests are able to enjoy their stay.

Do you have security?

Yes, Hog Heaven Campground does employ security staff who make frequent rounds throughout the property. We are happy to say that our campground has in incredibly low incident rate, but we encourage all guests to report any suspicious behavior to our staff.

What is your pet policy?

Hog Heaven Campground does allow pets. Pets must be on a leash or kenneled at all times, and not be noisy or disruptive to other guests.

All rates shown on your website are weekly. Do you have daily rates available?

Yes, Hog Heaven Campground does offer daily rates once Rally week begins. Daily wristbands and camping rates are available for purchase at our Registration Gate. However, when staying 5 nights or more, our weekly wristband is a more economical choice.

How do I go about making reservations for next year’s Rally week?

The reservations process for RV hookup sites is as follows:

All current year’s hookup site guests have first opportunity to rebook their site for the following year. Current site guests have until 12:00pm on Wednesday of Rally week to rebook. Any sites that have not been rebooked by 12:00pm on Wednesday of Rally week become available to any interested guest after 12:00pm. Because RV sites are limited and in high demand, we encourage any interested guest to get ahold of our staff on or shortly after Wednesday of Rally week to inquire about availability.

I’ve heard that I can wait to book my tent or dry camping site. Is this true, or will you be sold out?

Because Hog Heaven Campground has over 300 acres of open camping space, we are able to accommodate large numbers of tent and dry campers without issue. This includes guests who do not have a reservation prior to Rally week, so feel free to visit our Registration Gate at any time. Please keep in mind that all areas are first come first serve, and camping rates increase after July 1st.

Can I ship my gear ahead?

NOTE: NO United States Postal Service packages are delivered to Hog Heaven, you must ship with UPS. We do not handle FedEx shipments, you must ship with UPS.

Shipping with UPS

You can ship to Hog Heaven Campground’s physical address no earlier than Monday, July 31st. Hog Heaven staff won’t be on the grounds prior to Monday, July 31, 2023. 

Note, there is a $12 package handling fee to send your box back to your address.

Mail to:

Hog Heaven Campground
c/o “Your Name”
4000 Short Track Road
Sturgis, SD 57785

I’m not sure which trailer option applies to me.

When paying for a trailer, please refer to the following:

  • Bike Hauler Trailer ($85 each or $20/night during Rally week)

An enclosed trailer or an open trailer that you would like to keep at your camp site falls into the Bike Hauler Trailer category. There is no charge for small trailers pulled behind bikes. There is no charge for pickup bed campers, unless they contain plumbing (please see below).

  • Self Contained Camper (Dry Camp, $105 each or $25/night during Rally week)

Your trailer or pickup bed camper is a self contained camper (NOT a trailer) if it has plumbing in it. Dry camping areas do not include any hookups.

Hog Heaven Campground offers a FREE trailer parking lot located near our Registration Gate if you do not wish to keep your trailer at your camp site.